Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Sold out

Today I found out what my office manger is really made of! She sold out each and everyone of us in our little office. She is pyscho! I am so sick of her thinking we all talk about her to others in our other offices around the area. She does not know how to manage people! I sit for days with nothing to do because she is doing my job and everyone elses in the office. She lies to the higher ups about what she does or does not do. I have taken the fall for her for the last time. She will go down I hope I am there to see it. I hate to go to work anymore because of her. We never know what mood she will be in. I can see it on another cowork that he hates coming to work everyday. I just don't understand her. The more I talk to the person above her the more I sound like a broken record. We are so frustated! She has slept with some of the coworkers. She thinks every male who looks at her is in love with her. She makes me sick! I jost don't know where to turn for help anymore.